Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dragon Tongue Beans with Green Relish

I really do not know what the other name is for these beautiful beans. I bought them from some of my favorite ladies that sell at my local Farmer's Market. They labeled them as "dragon tongue" beans. I laughed and wondered what really a dragon tongue would even taste like. But the real reason I wanted to try these beans was because they were one of the only varieties that wasn't sprayed with pesticides. And...the ladies at the stand promised I would love them.  And I did. And now I will share them with you. 
There is purple-dragon tongue for you.  They are thick and juicy with flavor. Another name I have seem a similar bean was the Romano bean, so I guess if you are looking to find a larger bean to make this recipe, any one of those would work. These beans are so easy to prepare. You don't have to do any cutting or really any snapping either. There was just the little stem on each of them that I twisted off and it was very simple and fast. 
I love beautiful food. How could you possibly want to eat something from a cardboard box and pounds of packaging if you can eat these fresh, snappy beans? Seriously, we must be crazy for abandoning the freshest of food in modernization. When you skip out on the plants for food, you miss out on a lot more than just vitamins and minerals... you loose the benefit of eating what our bodies were intended to digest and gain energy from. There is healing to be done to our cells and our organs. Chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, GMO's and all the other fake stuff added to food doesn't build cells, it only breaks down the ability to build good cells. So, this is simplifying the reason I not only eat gluten-free and dairy-free for my health, but also make the choices to stay away from as many toxins as possible. Doing that really does make a difference in how our body functions. That truth is what leads me to never stop buying beautiful vegetables, and finding new ways to eat food from the earth because that is what my body thrives on. That is why I am obsessed with beautiful food. I hope you can understand. And I hope you can find new ways to join me on eating a mostly plant based diet. 

And now a recipe...

Wash, Snap and Boil  1 pound of dragon tongue beans or Romano beans. 

These larger beans are a 6 minute boil time. It is best to immerse them in a large pot of boiling water for 6 minutes. Turn a few times in the water to make sure that all of the beans are getting their fair share of cooking time. The purple color of the beans will fade and by the time 6 minutes is up you will notice that the beans are a soft yellow green color. 

In a separate frying pan add...

2 TB of ghee (clarified dairy free butter) or live oil
1/2 chopped pistachio nuts
1 cup of very finely diced fresh parsley
1 small green Italian pepper diced (about 3/4 cup of finely diced green pepper)

Fry together for about 5 minutes, just enough for the parsley to get wilted and the peppers to get soft. The nuts will give up some flavor in the oil and viola you have some "green relish".
Toss the relish with the freshly boiled beans in a large serving bowl and add some cracked pepper and sea salt if you desire. If you serve you make have to toss some of the relish on top after mixing because it tends to like to fall to the bottom of the bowl. The flavor of all the ingredients is rich and wonderful so make sure you don't miss out on a large plateful.

It quick, easy and a great way to eat up those beans before they are gone. 

Enjoy friends!

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