Friday, September 17, 2010

Molasses Applesauce Tea Bread

Fall is in the air. At least here in Michigan. I have on my farmer's market grocery list: apples, squash and it must be fall. :) There is something about the scents, colors, and even cooler weather that makes this season a little bit magical. The leaves haven't really changed yet, but there are signs of the little pops of yellow and orange here and there. And, with anticipation we wait. Waiting to experience the changes. How is it the we dread and desire change at the same time, and then with the season we have no choice, it starts to change before our eyes... and then all of a sudden, it is here. Fall has arrived and we have the choice to embrace it and take part in the magic.

Focusing on the seasonal foods this time of year will not leave you disappointed. The soups, stews, and pies you can make with the fall harvest are some of the best of the year. I made over a dozen quarts of applesauce last fall, and I would hope to do that again this year yet I still needed to use up some applesauce from last season, and that is how this tea bread evolved. I was craving from ginger-molasses cookies, and decided, why not make a "bread" and enjoy it with some hot tea. There is something about the flavors of fall that get to people. I have friends in the south parts of the country that are still in the 80's and 90's even in temperature, but they are headed to Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte just to feel like they are participating in the magic of fall. I couldn't agree more. Fall scents and flavors warm the soul, and so, that is why applesauce and molasses have taken hold of my heart.

So here is a little creation to get you more and more rooted in the season of fall. Enjoy it for all that it is worth, because as in how life keeps moving on, it will be snowing before you know it.
Molasses Applesauce Tea Bread Recipe
1/2 cup of brown rice flour
1 cup of sorghum flour
1/2 cup of buckwheat flour
1/2 cup of tapioca flour
1 cup of sucanat ( or other powdered sweetener)
1 1/2 ts. of baking powder
1 ts. of baking soda
1/2 ts. of ground nutmeg, cloves, and allspice
1 1/2 ts. of ground cinnamon
1 ts. of xanthan gum

1 TB of lemon juice, freshly squeezed
1 TB of coconut milk beverage, or other non-dairy milk
1/2 cup of applesauce
1/3 cup of light olive oil
1/3 cup of black strap molasses
2 farm fresh local eggs

Mix all of the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl, then start to add the wet ingredients and mix well all together. Pour into a greased 9x13 cake pan, or in a funnel pan (what I used). This recipe is very simple, and will have your kitchen smelling like fall in no time at all. All those spices and apples will start to mix together and you will be ready to partake well before it is fully baked. Bake at 350 degrees for 40-50 minutes depending on what pan and altitude you are at. Keep checking after 40 minutes to make sure you do not burn. Let it cool a few minutes before cutting, and then enjoy. This bread is very moist so you will find yourself wanting to eat it all in a few days. Gluten and dairy free will seem normal the more and more you find little ways to bake and create without the stress. Enjoy!

I hope you find inspiration and love as fall quickly approaches. Much love to you!




  1. What a stunning & divine looking moist tea bread!

    MMMMMMMMMM,...looks fantastic, my friend!

    I am loving this!

  2. As soon as I saw the title, I knew I had to make this! Anything with molasses immediately catches my eye; I love the rich taste it imparts to baked goods.

  3. Hmmm, we can't do eggs, but can do wheat (I know, best not to consume gluten, but it is hard without eggs!), and have been looking for a cake like this to make - something with a little virtue since my husband will eat it for breakfast anyway! I also love that you did it in a bundt pan. My bundt pan needs some love, it is gathering dust.

    Do you think this cake would go well with chunks of apple in it too (I have a lot of apples) or would that be too much moisture?

  4. I thnk that if you used your favorite egg sub, and like 1 cup or so of fresh apples it would be fine. Too many apples might be too much moisture, but I would try it if I were you. Good idea! Enjoy!

  5. This sounds lovely! I can't wait until it feels like fall here, but yeah, I'm one of those trying to participate even if the weather doesn't!

  6. Great recipe. I do love molasses, too! Maybe this cake could get me in the mood for fall. . . (naw, but it looks good, anyway) ;)