Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Perfect Chewy Fudgy Brownie

It's chewy in the middle.

Crispy on the edges.

And perfectly fudgy in all the right places.

I'm talking about these brownies and...

Not to mention: E A S Y!
If you have all of these simple ingredients around your kitchen like me, then you can easily make this on the whim. Or in my case, when a much needed after-bed-dessert-time for mommy and daddy is in tow. Or when you have guests stopping by and you need something quick. Or to bring along to impress your friends and family to your next fun gathering. It's a recipe to keep in your GF back pocket!
Yes, this has been my go to dessert for the past few weeks. It has been the easiest treat to make and serve friends when they come over to keep my husband and I company as we try and get through the last weeks of this long winter. I have been craving chocolate as well probably because of the amount of stress of not getting enough sleep around here with a teething and fussy babe. So testing this grain-free brownie recipe has at the least been justified time and time again :) Don't judge :)
But in all honesty, I have been trying to make GF brownies for about 8 years now and have not been overly impressed with any of the packages out there, even though they are easy and a good go to when needed. But this very simple recipe is easy enough to be memorized and made within the hour and will not disappoint if you are a crispy edge and chewy middle brownie person like me. I hope you try, enjoy and agree. From me to you xoxo
The Perfect Chewy Fudgy Brownie Recipe
{gluten, grain, dairy, and refined sugar free}

1 cup of dairy-free chocolate chips
(I use Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips)
2/3 cup of extra virgin coconut oil

3/4 cup of coconut palm sugar
3 fresh eggs whisked

1 ts. of sea salt
2 TB of coconut flour*
2 TB of tapioca flour
2 TB of cocoa powder

*You can sub the coconut flour for 2 additional TB's of tapioca flour. You can also sub the coconut oil for pastured butter. I haven't tried a sub for the eggs. Or the sweetener. You can add vanilla or mint extract if you wanted... but I like it simple as above. 
First, use a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water to melt the chocolate chips and coconut oil together. Use a whisk or spatula to get all of the chunks melted and together. Make sure to not get too hot, warm at best. Then take bowl off of heat and then mix in the coconut sugar first.
After that is mixed in well, then add the already whisked eggs, mix well and then finally add the rest of the dry ingredients together. Mix well and then pour into a 9x9 coconut oil greased pan. I use glass Pyrex. Then bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 25 minutes. You know it is done when the edges have pulled away from the side and are stiff and the middle is no longer giggly or gooey just soft. Let cool for at least 30 minutes before cutting into and serve warm with favorite coconut ice cream  or fresh berries or homemade chocolate sauce or whatever your pretty heart desires.
This recipe has been made a half dozen times and comes out perfect every time. A tried and true brownie recipe that is not only gluten-free, but grain-free too. So for my grain-free buddies... this is a rare occurrence for me, but I have mastered a grain-free recipe without nuts and it's a favorite!

Much love, as always, xoxo