Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coconut Shamrock Shake (vegan)

This past week I had the stomach flu bug of some sort. Terrible in a word. It takes days to feel normal again and when you have celiac disease and plenty of other sensitivities it only adds to the misery. It was a good reminder to me though of how important our health is. How important food is for your body. How food is medicine. Even when you can't keep the dang stuff in your stomach to last through the hour. But, I guess being sick really reminded me of how our bodies are an amazing ecosystem. They contain so many systems all going on at the same time and to have them all run smoothly you really need to give it all you can. Lots of vitamins, rest, and lovin'. And this time of year our bodies are ready for some spring cleaning. Just like the yard, basement and house. Your body needs to do some cleaning and get out the gunk from the more sedentary months of winter. So as I try and recover from a bug in the gut I have been extra careful this week to digest foods that will bring more minerals, vitamins and life back to my ecosystem. 
This yummy green shake is a reminder of just that. The bitter greens and chlorophyll help clean your cells and bring more oxygen to your body. And that's just a jump start. They continue to help your bones, your blood and your whole being. 

Not to mention...It's a special time of year of green popping up everywhere. New growth and new life. Or it's possible you may be driving by the advertisements for a something-shamrock-green-something at the 'golden arches'. Something I remember from my younger years. Something you really only like to think about this time of year. And, if you are a mom trying to get your kids to eat more 'green' this may be a fun way to celebrate spring or st. patty's day. So make a REAL green milkshake at home with a tasty combo of fresh greens, mint and some creamy coconut deliciousness.
Homemade Coconut Shamrock Shake (vegan-style)
8-10 washed small kale leaves
1 heaping cup of washed spinach leaves
2 cups of unsweetened homemade canned pears
2 cups of pear juice from homemade canned pears
1 can of chilled coconut milk 
1 ts. of organic peppermint flavoring (or use fresh mint to your taste)
30-35 drops of liquid stevia extract (or use ground stevia powder to your taste)

Blend the above ingredients in a high power blender until your shake is smooth and creamy. Serve right away. Or if you prefer chill it up in the freezer, or even leave it to make a coconut green ice cream. This recipe makes enough for 4 people to have about a 8-10 ounce shake.

Some notes:
*If you do not have canned pears from last fall, then you can use 2 cups of frozen pears thawed just a bit. Then add juice/water till you get a smooth consistency. Of you can try using fresh pears as well, just eyeball the fresh to be between 2-3 cups and use water or juice to get the consistency you desire. 

*You can use fresh mint to your taste, but I liked using the flavoring as well because it really brings out the flavor. It is just peppermint oil with a little sunflower oil  as well. Super simple and it makes it taste so fresh as well.

*I used stevia to avoid sugars. But you could easy add honey or maple instead. Or soak 4-6 dates to add to the mix as well to sweeten it up. 

Well, that is something green I will be enjoying this March. I hope to see some fresh and local greens in the coming weeks and looking forward to planting my own soon. Here is another great GREEN juice recipe from a local friend and blogger that I just love. Hope you are finding new ways to add more green to your life and let the spring cleaning begin.

Much love and life to you today!

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  1. There's a significant possibility this will be my night time treat tonight :) Thanks Stephanie!