Saturday, July 14, 2012

Crunchy Honey Buckwheat Oat Cereal

I have been on a breakfast kick lately. Really enjoying cooler and simpler options than the norm. The "norm" for me is hot gluten-free oatmeal or whole grain porridge. It is a hearty bowl of goodness, that starts the digestive fire out right in the morning. That is usually how I roll, but in the summer, and with as hot as this summer has been, you couldn't really want to eat super hot anything in the morning. I've been more into blueberry smoothies and just plain fruit. But this cereal is the best of both for me. It has a nice whole-grain crunch along with some cold non-dairy milk plus fresh, sweet blueberries galore! Yum!
This recipe is super simple, easy to store, and can be very versatile with other additions. I love eating my bowl with hemp milk and fresh blueberries, but you could also add any homemade or store bought non-dairy milk favorite, and could add almost any additional fruit you love. It is full of protein, fiber, and lots of nutritional vitamins like iron and magnesium. Essentials for your health and a guaranteed good start to the day!
Plus, did I mention how wonderfully easy this is. Well, it is. And, also easy to pack along and bring on weekend getaways, camping trips and even longer summer vacations. I love when simple and nutritious work together like that. It just makes eating from scratch and with whole grain healthy ingredients, that much more enjoyable!
Crunchy Honey Buckwheat Oat Cereal Recipe
(gluten, dairy, egg, nut-free, plus vegan option)

2 cups of raw whole buckwheat groats
4 cups of certified gluten-free rolled oats
1/3 cup of sunflower seed butter
1/3 cup of raw local honey (or use local maple syrup to keep it vegan)
3 TB of soft or liquid extra virgin coconut oil
dash of sea salt
dash of ground cinnamon

In a very large mixing bowl, mix all of the above ingredients together with a spatula or your bare hands, Then pour out the wet cereal mix on a parchment papered cookie sheet and spread 1 inch thin along the whole pan. I use a 11.5x17 inch sized cookie baking sheet and that seems to work almost perfect, but you could use 2 smaller sheets, or even one larger if you got it. Bake in a 375 degree oven for 25-30 minutes, until golden brown and crispy. Then let sit out and cool on the counter for a few hours until completely cooled and dried. Then pack up the leftovers in 2 quart mason jars, or however you would want to keep and store your new favorite cereal. 
If you haven't tried buckwheat groats yet then you may be up for a new discovery with this recipe. And the short is, that buckwheat is a very nutrient dense grain that is naturally gluten-free and full of many essential minerals and vitamins for your body. And then the oats are a favorite grain that just make you feel like you are more normal when it comes to your food choices :) 
If you are like me, you will want to make a batch and then store it in mason jars on the counter because it is so happy and healthy looking. It is a perfect kitchen decoration, plus very edible. So much more earthy than displaying a nice card board cereal box (recycled of course :)

I hope you are enjoying your weekend thus far. And you are planning to go on a brand new adventure that includes the summer sun, getting wet, and staying cool this weekend. Don't forget to pack along some gluten-free goodies and don't let the stress of eating gluten-free turn you into a grouch. Nobody likes to be around a grumpy gluten-free grouch. Your positivity toward your food and what and how you eat is just as much a part of the healing process as what kind of food you are eating as well.

Don't swallow anger and bitterness, swallow hope, healing and a new day!

Much love as always!

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