Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vegan Berry Mango Smoothie

I make a smoothie almost every morning in the warmer spring/summer months. It's nice and refreshing to eat a fresh fruit smoothie after a long winter of eating porriage and hot cereal to keep warm. I like to add different fruits depending on what I got available in the kitchen, but sometimes you just find a nice combo that you like to keep making. Eventaully, I find myself craving a cold fresh smoothie right when I wake up. My favorite is using frozen cherries and blueberries that I have frozen from when I picked or bought them the past summer.Another favorite is using mango because it makes the mixture so smooth and creamy. I sometimes make a "greens" smoothie with spinach and other greens, but I would much rather prefer to eat my greens and not drink them every day, so I guess that is why I stick to the fruit and vegan protein powder combo more often.

It is important if you eat gluten-free and dairy- free to make sure if you are going to find quality protein powder to make sure there is no whey or other gluten-grains protein. I also avoid soy protein because it is more processed and harder to digest. So that leaves me with either a brown rice protein powder, or a vegetable protein powder. Both I enjoy, but make take a little getting used to after being used to using dairy or soy. One of the best brands I have found out there is the MLO vegan brown rice. It is a quality vegan product and is not very expensive either.

Another great addition is adding in some quality Omega-3 oil to add to the enegy and brain health in the morning... and what a great way to add it into something without really realizing it.
I buy a quality fish oil that has an orange flavoring and so that also adds to fruit flavor combo. A quality fish oil has many health benefits ranging from decreasing depressiona nd anxiety along with other behaviour issues all the way to helping heart health and cardiovascualr system. The high levels of Omega-3 and essentail fatty acids will also strengthen your brain tissues and promote all around better health. For more questions research..this link.

My favorite combo inclues:
1/2 to whole fresh mango slices (about 1 cup)
1 ripe banana chopped or smashed
1/2 cup of frozen cherries
1/2 cup of frozen raspberries
2 spoonfuls of flax oil, or a quality fish oil
2 scoops of a quality vegan rice protein powder or vegan vegetable protein powder
1 cup of almond or hemp milk
1/2 cup or so of apple, grapefruit, or orange juice
5-6 ice cubes
Optional: spinach pieces and kale pieces about 1/2 cup of each

Put all in your blender and blend until smooth and pour it in a to go cup or a glass to stick a straw in and ENJOY! This recipe will probably feed 2 people, or 1 hungry person. So make the adjustments you need to make more or less.

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