Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Italian Stuffed Peppers (gluten-free, dairy-free)

This recipe comes out of the abundance of summer vegetables. How beautiful they are! How flavorful and nutritious... how can you pass up the season's bounty? This recipe could make up to 12 peppers full of the filling, or if you want to stuff some zucchini , the filling works great as well. (See below).

I used some fresh ground lamb from a local farm in this recipe. And it not only added great flavor, but it was easier on the digestive track. If you have been questioning whether or not to eat as much meat or what kind of meat to eat. I would tell you to start investigating your local meat options. It seems like we can become so disconnected from where our meat comes in particular because we probably don't really want to know where it comes from. Find out if there is a local meat farm in your area and investigate what they do to feed and house their animals. I am sure you will find that the meat that is bought from your local farmer is easier on your digestive track and better for your heart and soul. Most local farmers are concerned about not using hormones in caring for their animals and they are not feeding them waste and carcases from other animals. I know that sounds dramatic, but really factory farmed meat is really some of the worst carcinogens you can put in your body. Thinking about healing means that you will be thinking about what exactly you are putting into the very sensitive body of yours. Think about how every piece of food is going to send love and nourishment to your whole being. Being more connected and in touch with your whole person will bring more healing to your life. Think... if you are putting chemicals, rotten carcinogens and fake things in your body... your body will know what is happening. You will start to become what you are eating. So eat pure, fresh and full of life. Everything is connected. How you treat animals, the earth and yourself is connected. What do you think? Any thoughts about this?

So, here a recipe to enjoy some of your favorite summer veggies...

In a large frying pan, saute the following:
2 small diced onions
2 minced garlic cloves
1 TB(or so) of extra-virgin olive oil
(then wait till the onion and garlic changes a translucent color, then add the meat)
1 pound of ground lamb ( or other red meat that is humanely raised)
use some fresh cracked pepper and sea salt to season up the meat as it is frying.
Fry until the meat is browned and cooked and then add the following:
1 160z. can of organic tomato sauce
1 TB of Italian seasoning spice mix
Cook for another 5-7 minutes so that the sauce starts to marinate and cook with the meat.
Then add the meat mixture to the following ingredients in a large mixing bowl:
3 cups of cooked wild rice and brown rice mix
1 cup of chopped fresh basil and other fresh herbs of choice
1/2 chopped jalapeno pepper
1 summer squash sliced into saucers and halved if large enough
add some more cracked pepper or salt if you desire...
Mix well and then scoop 1/3-1/2 cup of mixture into halved bell peppers, or into smaller bell peppers whole. This mixture will fix about 6 large bell peppers halved or 12 small peppers whole.
After you fill all of the peppers...put them in a Pyrex baking sheet that has been bottom bushed with some oil. Then thinly slice 1-2 small Roma tomatoes to place on top the filled peppers and then dust with ground almonds or blanched almond flour. The last and final step is to drizzle some olive oil over the peppers with the tomatoes and almonds added to add some flavor and crisp. If you prefer a gluten-free bread crumbs to dust the tops instead of the almonds, then by all means try that instead. I really liked using the almonds... I just ground 1 cup or so in a coffee grinder and that is what I used instead of flour.
Bake in a pre-heated 375 degree oven for 45 minutes and check to see if the sauce is bubbling. Pull from the oven and let cool for just a few minutes and then it is ready to eat. Voila! A nutritious meal all in one pepper!
This picture below is of some stuffed zucchini in a small 8x8 Pyrex. I ran out of peppers and I still had some mixture, so basically I lined the bottom of the pan with a bit of oil and sliced open zucchini. I cut out some of the zucchini meat and chopped it into the remaining mix and them I poured it on top of them. Basically the same procedure as with the peppers I layered some tomatoes and almond flour and olive oil and baked the same amount of time as the peppers. Turned out delicious, and might make something like this again it was so good. The nuts turn into a crispy crunchy crust that adds so much to the flavor and texture that you have to try it sometime!

Enjoy, friends. Make the most of the quickly ending summer season...


  1. Hi, I found your site mostly by accident, and I have enjoyed reading your recipes and ideas. I don't have any food intolerances, but I have been experimenting with a few of your recipes just to keep life interesting. I just wanted to say that I am very glad you encourage eating meat- I know many people who refuse to eat it, but I've always considered it to be an evolutionary staple of human diet, as long as it is, as you say, organic and hormone free.

  2. As a corn allergy sufferer, I can tell you why meat from local farms is easier on your digestive tract. Commercial meat packers use acid solutions derived from GMO corn to wash the carcass, equipment and the individual cuts of meat to kill bacteria. Meat in the grocery store is actually packaged on top of a soaker pad saturated with GMO corn-derived citric acid. It made a huge difference in our healthy when we figured this out and found local farmers processing meat without these harmful substances. In my experience, even people without a corn allergy notice a reaction from citric acid but may not know to what to attribute the reaction (the citric acid isn't disclosed on the label since it is considered a manufacturing aid). BTW, these same GMO corn-derived acids are allowed for use on organic meats by the USDA, too.