Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vanilla Maple Yogurt Fruit Salad (vegan)

Lately, I have been craving fresh fruit more than usual. Maybe its because it's spring, and fresh food always tastes better when it's warm outside. Or maybe it is because my growing baby wants vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients and I am just eating it subconsciously? I really feel like apples have been my latest weakness. I guess if I am going to have a weakness for a food it might as well have grown on a tree. I have eaten like 2-3 apples everyday for the last few weeks. Yes, Michigan apples have been mostly eaten from last fall, so now I am buying some organic gala apples from the Northwest states, and that is my particular craving really. Fresh, cold, organic gala apples, with a tablespoon of nut butter topped on the freshly cut halves. hmmm, so good! Right now as I am typing this, my mouth is starting to water. It is ridiculous! I really think it is the sweet crunchiness to it that draws me in. It's almost like a drug. Once I get that juicy crunch of an apple, I feel happy again. I am going to say it is because I am pregnant, I mean, I used to love apples before, but now this is a whole new level of obsession. If this continues on for weeks, I might start to get worried. Or find an anonymous support group... until then, I am just going to give in...
This recipe is actually quite simple, and inspired last minute with some "hanging around" ingredients. It is pretty simple and perfect for any kind of meal or gathering. You can add and take away some of the ingredients if you have others on hand. This could be a side, a snack, a dessert or a leftover midnight snack. You gotta love the creaminess the coconut yogurt provides, and the simple sweetness of the fresh fruit and maple syrup combo. It is just an all around fabulous creation for the vegan soul. Or, for the non-vegan-conscious people this could easily be made with some fresh homemade yogurt of any kind and whipped up the same way. I used the coconut yogurt instead of a vegan soy yogurt, because to be honest, I'm not a fan of soy. Soy is too processed and airy to my liking. It just seems I always regret eating soy when I I avoid it when I can. But hey, with creations such as coconut yogurt, why would you go searching for anything else. It's fabulous!
Vanilla Maple Coconut Yogurt Fruit Salad Recipe
2 ripe pears washed, seeded, and diced in bite sized pieces
2 ripe apples, washed, seeded and diced into pieces (I used organic gala apples)
1/2 of honey dew melon, cleaned and seeded and diced into pieces
1 TB of pure vanilla extract
1-2 TB of pure maple syrup (or more to your taste preference)
1/2 ts of ground cardamon (cinnamon is also another idea of an added spice if you prefer)
1/2 cup of crushed walnut pieces, or if you prefer pecans, or pistachios instead

Mix all the ingredients together in a large serving bowl and serve up cold. Other added flavors to add could be just a little bit of some fresh mint or lime... be creative with what ingredients you have laying around. Really a creamy fruit salad like this will make you so happy you might just start adding things together that you would have never thought could be tasty... it could happen.
Well, my dears...I am off to enjoy this sunny Sunday afternoon. I just wanted to share some fresh goodness with you while I had a moment. I hope you have a blessed day and enjoy life for all it's worth!

Much love to you!


  1. I love the idea of cardamom in here. And I love So Delicious yogurt! Yum!

  2. This looks like an amazing alternative to my current chia pudding breakfasts! I'm pinning it to my breakfast board for later!