Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two Potato Soup (vegan)

This is no rocket-science gluten-free recipe, but it is one of simplicity and warmth. I needed that this week, when our house came down with the cold/flu virus. No fun. There has been a lot of tea drinking, honey sippin' and lemon squeezing around here. I think we are on the way out, but in the meantime I was in need of a one pot meal that would feel good on a sore throat. And because I would have to run out to the store if I was going to make a special pot of chicken noodle soup for the sick, I decided to whip something up that would be a hearty warm substitute with the ingredients I had in the house.
I made some quick millet biscuits to go with this soup and within less than an hour or so, we had a warm dinner served for the sickies. Which is just what you need when you are tending to the sick, and trying to stay well yourself. I haven't come down with the sickness yet...some things I have been doing to stay well and fight off the germs.

My top-10 list for fighting off the cold/flu germs:
1. Taking A LOT of vitamin C- 2000mg-6000mgs a day
2. Drinking a lot of Immunity Booster Tea
3. Washing hands and keeping the kitchen and bathroom clean
4. Light stretching to sweat out toxins and germs
5. Staying hydrated with pure clean water, or hot water with fresh lemon juice.
6. Avoiding the usual sugar, dairy and gluten (yes, all of these can cause your immune system to fail if you are trying to fight off sickness).
7. Using raw honey as a throat soother, swallow a spoonful at a time if needed.
8. Eating broths, soups, and simple foods. Nothing too complex, greasy or spicy.
9. Napping and resting as much as possible.
10. Use other natural remedies like nettie pot, humidifier, and herbal tonics

Now, to the quick recipe I have been tempting you with. Pure, simple and warm...what more do you want when you feel under the weather?!

Two Potato Soup Recipe
2 TB of olive oil
1 small yellow onion (around 1/2 cup diced)
2 cups of diced raw sweet potatoes
2 cups of diced raw white potatoes
4 cups of vegetable stock (or chicken broth works too)
2 cups of pure water
half of lemon freshly squeezed for juice
1 ts. of sea salt
1 ts. of black pepper
1 TB of minced garlic powder
1-2 ts. of ground ginger
1 ts. of ground paprika
1 ts. of dried marjoram or rosemary
1 ts. of dried basil
1 ts. of dried oregano
handful of chopped fresh parsley or chives

Saute the onion in a large pot with the olive oil for a few minutes, then add the broth, water and diced potatoes. Cook for a few more minutes and then add the rest of the ingredients and bring to a boil. Boil on high for 10-15 minutes and then turn down the heat and let cook until the potatoes start to fall apart in the broth. Use the back of a large ladle or spoon to help the potatoes break up and become a part of the broth. The soup will get much thicker if you do this after about 30 minutes or so. Then after the potatoes have broken down enough to your liking, add some fresh chives or parsley for serving a hot bowl of soup. Serve with your favorite bread or biscuit and viola you have a warm dinner.

Some other soups stews that I have made while sick to feel better:

I hope you are having a good week and staying away from the cold/flu virus, but if you are not...try this simple soup and stay home and rest! :)

Much love to you!



  1. This does sound soothing! Hope everyone is back to their old selves soon!

  2. This looks grand! I love soup and the blend of spices you chose sound lovely. I hope I can try this soon! I've linked this recipe to My fav top 10 recipes from last week post. Thanks!

    ~Aubree Cherie

  3. Thanks for the blog-love Aubree Cherie-
    I always love your top-10 recipes post!

  4. This looks and sounds so nourishing and tasty! Hope your household gets back to 100 percent soon.

  5. Im making this right now, as im typing this. The smell filling my house is wonderful! :) Thanks!