Friday, March 25, 2011

Almond Chocolate Chunk Cookies (vegan)

I started eating chocolate again in the last few weeks. Slowly trying to eat it again to see if it would affect my nursing babe. There was no issues with him and so for that I had to celebrate. I thought what a better way to celebrate chocolate but by making chocolate chunk cookies. The rich deep extra dark chocolate oozing from a yummy almond cookie. I made these cookies on a whim with all ingredients I had laying around my kitchen. Well, I guess they are staples really... almonds, almond butter, agave, coconut milk and homemade applesauce. Its pretty simple and a perfect cookie to be matched with a deep rich extra dark cocoa. Hm, I have been dreaming of this day for almost 6 months :)
I do love having a treat. Call me a indulgent sweets lover, but I don't think of myself as that. I mean, when you are making treats with all wholesome ingredients and you have self-control to only have one or two in a sitting, then you can really practice "having a treat". It seems if you can have a healthy relationship with food and with treats then you will be a happier person as well. If you find yourself eating a whole batch of cookies whether it is healthy or not, that may indicate you have an issue with having a treat. You can be extreme with having too much or too little. A balance is always the key. Yes, there is joy in good food, and I am the first to attest to this. But there can also be guilt, pain, control and more strong emotions that can be tied to food. Be aware of how you view your relationship with food. And also practice and celebrate balance. You will truly enjoy the simple joys of life so much deeper. Much like bittersweet chocolate...
Almond Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe
1 1/2 cup of almond meal, or almond flour (I ground raw whole almonds in a magic bullet)
1 cup of favorite GF flour blend, I used 1/2 cup millet flour, 1/2 cup of brown rice flour
1/2 cup of coconut palm sugar
1 ts. of baking powder
1 ts. of baking soda
1/2 ts. of sea salt
1/2 cup of almond butter
1/4 cup of unsweetened apple sauce
1/4 cup of pure maple syrup
2 TB of coconut milk beverage, or other non-dairy milk
3 TB of melted coconut oil, or other baking oil

1/2- 1 cup of 76% or higher chocolate bar chunks

Mix all of the dry ingredients first, then add the wet. Mix well. The batter will be very sticky at first, but then if you wait a few minutes it will start to soak in the moisture. Break up your favorite dark chocolate bar, and use about 2 0z- 3.5 oz. Or 1/2- 1 cup of chocolate. Make the chunks as big or as small as you want. Mix the chocolate evenly into the batter and then you are ready to spoon on the cookie sheet. The batter will be sticky, but that is ok because it will make good chewy cookies. Use a TB or so to scoop out little balls to bake. This recipe will make about 2 dozen cookies. Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes depending on how soft/crispy you like your cookies. Let cool for at least 5 minutes before removing from sheet and then ENJOY!

Notes about the recipe:
*If you can/want to use an egg instead, you can omit the applesauce and put in an egg. I chose to omit the egg, but if you want an egg, then these cookies will work as well.

*You can of course use chocolate chips in the recipe if you have those instead of a chocolate bar.

Well, friends, that is my newest chocolate cookie recipe. It is a winner, and especially an added treat after a long time of no chocolate. Yes, it is the lenten season, and you may have now given up chocolate... and if that is the case, stick this recipe in your back pocket and find it again when it is your time to celebrate eating chocolate again. I hope you enjoy and have a beautiful day of balance and peace.

Much love to you!



  1. No chocolate, how did you survive, welcome back to chocolate mama, I won't even tell you all I gave up with my babes, crazy!

  2. So glad you and the babe can have chocolate! These look delightful. Are they chewy? I can imagine the flavors are wonderful.

  3. Hannah- I at some points thought i wasn't going to survive. I also gave up alot...the usual gluten and soy, but also eggs and dairy, spicy food, certain veggies and caffeine. ehhhh :) but my babe is happy. I guess he is as sensitive as me.

  4. Alta- it is a happy day! the cookies are a bit chewy, but a stiffer chewy and kinda crispy on the outside. Just right in my opinion. :) enjoy!

  5. YUM! These look great!

  6. Whoa, these look (and sound) incredible! I'm definitely going to be making them to share and enjoy at the office! (I can't wait to dunk one of these babies in a tall glass of So Delicious coconut milk!)

  7. Gail- these are the perfect dunking in milk cookies. Enjoy!!! :)

  8. I cannot wait wait WAIT to try these! Oh yum, happiness :) I hope you don't mind that I used two your recipes this week :D, I've also added this recipe to My Fav Recipes from Last Week post. They were both just too good to have to decide between them :)

    Thanks! ~Aubree Cherie

  9. Aubree- Thanks for sharing my recipe and loving it! :) I love your top 10- such a GREAT resource. Thanks for sharing and the blog-love. Hope you get to try these soon- Much love!

  10. Just made these for a friend staying at hospice with her dying father - she has been eating on the run so much and really missing gluten-free options. I made them with a homemade pecan butter and then ground up some organic turbinado sugar in my vitamix instead of the palm sugar. They're really yummy - thanks for the recipe!