Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tangy Cucumber Salad with Plum Vinaigrette (vegan and raw)

Sweet and tangy. Crisp and cool. What a salad for a summer day! Simple and fresh and ready for almost any lunch or dinner meal. Yet, the cucumbers are not the main star of the show...the shiro plums that make up the sweetness of the dressing is the other daring flavor to be found in this wonderful salad. I am a big fan of having a little sweetness with a little sour. I like a sweet and spicy combo as well... or maybe I just like any kind of sweet combo :) Either way, this homemade salad dressing is one to love.
Cucumbers could be called boring. But, when you have them growing like weeds or finding them for mere pennies at the farmer's market, you must try your hand at making something grand with them this time of year. A salad of course. Nothing too crazy, just a simple salad without the leaves.
These little cuties are the 'shiro' plums. They are obviously a yellow plum variety, but they have been described at big juicy cherry-like plum. I have not tried them before this summer. I found them at my local farmer's market, and after seeing them, talking to a farmer about them, leaving, and then coming back to buy them, I am glad that I did. Afterall, I do like to try new things, and these little juicy fruits will make you smile. So, today I share with you a little cucumber creation to enjoy this weekend, along with lots of summer-relaxing I hope.
Tangy Cucumber Salad with Plum Vinaigrette Dressing Recipe (vegan)
6 small cucumbers (about 4-5 heaping cups of pealed and diced cucumbers)
1 small sweet onion, thinly sliced and diced (a red onion works too)
1/2 cup of raw sunflower seeds
1/2 cup of organic raisins
optional additions: finely chopped mint or sage

Peel and quarter the cucumbers and put them in a serving bowl. Then add the finely chopped onion and sunflower seeds and raisins. Set aside to make dressing...

dressing ingredients:
1/2 cup of pealed and chopped shiro plum pieces with excess juice
1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar (balsamic works too)
1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil
2 TB of maple syrup
1 TB of prepared mustard
1/2 ts. of seal salt
1/2 ts. of black pepper

Put all of the above ingredients in a small blender or magic bullet. Blend on high till oil is emulsified and plums are pureed completely. Then pour the whole dressing over the cucumbers and mix well. Top with additional seeds or raisins and mint if you want more.

Serve freshly made, or let the dressing and cucumbers marinate together in the fridge and serve cold.

Serving size 6-8 people.
Well, there you have it. A yummy summer salad. Every time I make a cucumber or fresh cool salad like this, I ask myself why I don't make these more. They are so yummy and refreshing. I only suggest that you make enough to share with your friends, or bring to a picnic or barbeque. It is a perfect side to almost any summer meal.

I hope you enjoy and have a beautiful day!

Much love and light to you!

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  1. This looks amazing. I've never seen those plums before, but I might just have to improvise!