Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pumpkin Coconut Cream Pie (vegan)

Pumpkin pie with a coconut cream twist. It is a creamy, pudding-like piece of goodness that will have you coming back for more. I just needed to post this one last recipe before I posted my gathered together 2011 Thanksgiving menu for you (I hope to tomorrow). I have been working on putting this together for weeks, and because I am hosting this year, I had a lot more planning up my sleeve to keep me busy. I am so excited for it all to come together, and share a delicious meal to celebrate life and give God thanks for all the gifts he has given us.
This dessert is perfect for fall, and perfect for the dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free friend that may be having troubles figuring out what to make for a Thanksgiving dessert. Yes, there are a lot of options out there, but this one avoids eggs and milk, and not to mention has an amazing dose of wonderful in it. Tastes good and good for you. And can I just say, I love chia seeds and coconut. And the pumpkin is just the "cherry" on top.
I will mention that the inspiration for this recipe from comes from Iris's Squash Pie and Kelley's Pumpkin Bars. Both are other amazing options for a Thanksgiving dessert or fall treat. Thanks ladies for your inspiring devotion to gluten-free living. 

Pumpkin Coconut Cream Pie Recipe (vegan)

1/2 cup of tapioca flour
1/2 cup of sweet sorghum flour
1 cup of fresh buckwheat flour
2-3 TB of coconut palm sugar
dash of sea salt
dash of cinnamon and ginger
5 TB of organic coconut oil
1-2 TB of pure water
2 TB of apple cider vinegar

Mix the flours first, then add the sucanat and salt. Then add the oil and mix well together. Lastly add the cider and water and get a crumbly but sticky dough. Then roll it a few times in your hands and then press with your hands on the bottom of a pie pan. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just make sure to try and even out the crust dough with a fork or your fingers. Once even to your liking, put in a preheated 350 degree oven for 15 minutes. Pull out from the oven and let cool on the stovetop.  Prepare the filling while cooling.

Pie Filling:
2 cups of fresh baked pumpkin
1 can of full-fat coconut milk
2 TB of coconut flour
1/4 cup of chia seed meal
1/3 cup of coconut palm sugar
1 ts. of ground white stevia powder or 12 drops of Nu Naturals pure vanilla stevia liquid
2 TB of soft coconut oil
1 teaspoon of pure vanilla (omit if you use vanilla stevia liquid)
1 TB of pumpkin pie spice blend (or 2 ts. of ground cinnmon,  plus 1/2 ts. of ginger, cloves and nutmeg)
1/2 ts. of sea salt

In a large blender (I used just a regular, but a high-powered or Vitamix or Blendtec would be awesome), or large food processor, put all of the above ingredients in. Then blend away and it should whip it up to a pudding-like mixture. You could also try whisking the filling in a bowl with a mixer or hand held whisk, but I liked using my blender to have less mess and work. Blend till smooth. Then pour the mixture into the cooled pie crust. You will want to lick the spatula on this one. So yummy just as a pudding mix really. Then. smooth out the filling in the pie crust and make a swirl or look pretty because it will come out this way when you are done. Then re-enter the pie to the preheated 350 degree oven and bake for exactly 30 minutes. Pull from the oven and let cool till you can touch the pan with your fingers, then put in the fridge and let cool overnight. Or at least 6-8 hours so that it is set and firm and ready for cutting.

Then, ENJOY!
-You do not need a whip topping for this dessert, the pie is perfect as a combo of pumpkin and whip already together.

-It's best served cold. And it may get a bit messy, but the crust is firm, so you will be able to get under the crust and pull the piece out from it's roots. Try and use a clean knife to cut each piece if you are worried about the pieces sticking together.

-You can use any GF pie crust if there is one you prefer

I hope your holiday menu is coming together and you are enjoying the thought of having a feast with friends and family. I will be posting my menu tomorrow. Much love to you today!


  1. this is just beautiful! i love how the finished pie looks like a sectioned tree stump, so woodsy! i'll for sure be making this for my holiday party in december!

  2. Beautiful pie!
    Hi! :) I just found your blog through So Delicious' Facebook page! :)

  3. I just found your amazing blog through Pinterest. I noticed that you have a disclaimer on the bottom of your blog posts and so wanted to ask you if you minded if I pinned your amazing recipes to my Pinterest boards? I want everyone to be able to find this excellent blog and Pinterest is a great way for people to see your excellent recipes and drop by for a look-see. I saw your recipe for Millet morning glory muffins and that's what brought me here. I probably wouldn't have found your blog otherwise. It is so good it deserves to be found by everyone :). I am vegan but have an omni gf friend who I also passed your site address onto because your recipes span many genres. LOVE your work and even though I live in Tasmania, Australia I can easily find everything that you list in your recipes, not always easy to do when you live in another country from the person posting.