Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Zucchini Oatmeal Bread

Who has zucchini coming up like crazy this year?! I didn't plant any myself sadly, but I love to grab some at road side stands and the farmer's market 4/ $1 ! It has to be one of the best cost efficient veggies this time of year. I love it sauteed and added over rice or quinoa with a side of protein. Of course there is the 'zoodle' recipes which are all fabulous and so fresh and wonderful too! I also try and freeze some already sliced to add to soups and stews over the winter months, and.... OF COURSE I love to bake with it as well...
This year I experimented with another zucchini bread recipe. My last one I made was years ago, and I love it, but it has eggs in it, and I wanted to give a try at a vegan one for my allergy sensitive daughter. So this one is made with alot of GF oat flour and date paste, both of which have been staples in my GF/DF/egg-free baking as of late.
You can easily put in the eggs in this recipe too, I would just add 2 of them right in. They will bake in just fine.  This recipe will make 3 mini/smaller loaves, or 2 larger loaves. I guess you could make a cake of it too and spread it out in a 9x13 pan if you wanted. I was going for a cute little loaf with this recipe and even brought out some mini pans I had in the pantry ready to use.
This bread is super moist and heavy. Those zucchini baked right in make is one-of-a-kind! I might find myself doing more zucchini bread experimenting before the summer is up because it is always so easy to whip up and enjoy. So do yourself a favor and make some zucchini bread this week- it's just one of those you can't pass by this time of year- ENJOY!
Zucchini Oatmeal Bread Recipe
{gluten, dairy, egg, seed, nut and refined sugar-free, plus VEGAN}

2 1/2-3 cups of freshly ground certified gluten free oat flour (depends on how wet your zucchini is...) I start with 2 1/2 cups and then add another 1/2 cup of flour if the batter is a little loose after adding in the grated zucchini

1/2 cup of white rice flour
1/4 cup of coconut flour
1/4 cup of tapioca flour
1/4 cup of potato starch
1 1/2 ts. of baking powder
1 ts. of baking soda
1 ts. of sea salt
1 ts. of ground cinnamon
1 ts. of ground nutmeg
1 ts. of pure vanilla
1-2 TB of molasses
3/4 cup of coconut palm sugar
1/3 cup of date paste (or applesauce works too)
1/3 cup of pure maple syrup
1/2 cup of coconut milk beverage with 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar add in separately
3/4 cup of avocado oil (or melted coconut oil) Or a mix of each
2 packed cups of freshly grated zucchini squash (1 large squash or 2 small)

In a large bowl, mix together all the dry ingredients, then add in the wet, and the zucchini and stir all together well so there is no clumps. Pour into parchment and oiled bread pans. This recipe will make 2 medium larger loaves or 3 smaller mini loaves. I sprinkle a little nutmeg and cinnamon over top with maybe even a few more zucchini strands to dress up the top of the bread. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 50-60 minutes depending on your oven. This bread bakes longer because it doesn't have the eggs in them and so it just is a slower bake. When you pull from the oven let cool for at least 30 minutes before cutting into for best results. Let store on the counter covered for 3 days for best bread too. 

Hope you give this recipe a try and dress it up however you see fit. Maybe even some dried fruit, fresh blueberries, chocolate chips :) I personally love it just as it is. I love the simple but unique flavor of a moist and heavy zucchini bread. Much love and ENJOY!

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