Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Strawberry Milk

"Momma, can you make me pink milk??...or maybe a strawberry smoothie, or wait, how about strawberry milk!" 

Hmmm, I barely EVER say NO when my kids ask me for good food...Yep, that's alway a YES for sure! 

I have to admit, strawberries and creamy milk sounded divine to me too, and with the last bag of frozen strawberries from last summer it was even more special. How many more weeks till strawberry picking?!? The special-ness of those last berries were not lost on us- we made sure to really savor them. And this was a sweet and fabulous way to enjoy summer goodness months after. And even now, enjoying them gives us that last push to make it to spring!

This recipe is super simple and basic, but I added a few things to make sure that it was nutritious and protein packed as well. So because we are a strict dairy-free house because of severe allergies this milk is most definitely not cow milk, instead we added full-fat coconut milk for the fats, nutrition and creaminess! Also, an added scoop or two of gelatin makes this milk still full of protein, a 12 grams per TB is what gelatin offers, also countless amounts of goodness. So whip this one up, impress your kids, or heck, bring back your inner-child for just a moment and sit and enjoy yourself some pink strawberry milk!

Strawberry Milk Recipe
{gluten, dairy, egg, soy, nut, seed and sugar-free}

2 cups of frozen or thawed strawberries [can be chopped or wholes]
1/2 cup of juice [or water] of choice
1-2 TB of fresh lime juice
sprinkle of quality sea salt
1/4 cup of maple syrup drizzled (more or less depending on tastes, can sub in dates too!]

1/2 cup of plant-based milk beverage (coconut, rice, ect...)
2 TB of pure gelatin

In a small pan, warm up the strawberries in the liquid and let it simmer and bubble and release it's colors and sweetness. Then turn off heat. In a small bowl whisk together milk and gelatin until bloomed. Then in your blender add the whole can of coconut milk, strawberries from pan, and the bloomed gelatin. Blend on high and then when its all creamy and frothy, pour into glasses and and instantly enjoy! It will be warm from the strawberries if you consume right away and... can chill it too and also it will become a panna cotta type treat if you have in the fridge for more than 30-60 minutes. It will start to turn into a yogurt-like subsatnce as the gelitan cools down. So you may even enjoy it as it cools more. 

Top with thawed or fresh strawberrie pieces for extra goodness and texture :)

ENJOY and much love!!!

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