Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Cookie Cut Out Hoopla!!!

I have a few favorite cookie cutout recipes around here on the blog. And about this time every year they all get resurrected! I even looked one up myself tonight as I was whipping up a bowl of batter for my kids to play with with all the christmas cookie cutters. My favorite is the coconut palm sugar recipe. But tonight I made it with some other altercations so that my 2 year old with many allergies could eat and play with the batter as well. I will try and post that recipe tomorrow in the day light. But tonight I wanted to get into the Christmas cookie spirit and make a post with some of the best all in one place. Happy cookie baking, friends!

Coconut Sugar Cut Out Cookies pictured above

Coconut Cut Out Shortbread Cookies

Stevia Sweetened Gingerbread Cut Out Cookies

Stevia Sweetened Sugar Cookie Cut Out Cookies

Here is another post with lots of favorite *other* christmas cookie recipes!

Happy baking, friends!

Much love and light to you this advent season!

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