Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sugar Cut Out Cookies

These are the cookies I made last night with my kids. I adjusted the ingredients because my daughter cannot have seeds, as well as eggs, and I wanted to just make the sugar portion from coconut sugar and maple syrup and not stevia. I like stevia occasionally, but to be honest, more recently I don't like to use it as much and if I do like to mix it with one or more sweeteners to help balance the flavors, but also because it is also more processed that raw or more natural sweeteners like pure honey, maple syrup and even coconut palm sugar. So these are just a simple ingredient sugar cookie that doesn't need any gums to help it stick and they turn out almost perfect crispy and chewy and soft and crunchy. So no need to get all crazy with these.... keep it simple and let the kids have fun!

Sugar Cut Out Cookies
{vegan and egg, seed, nut and soy-free}
1 3/4 cup of finely ground certified GF oat flour
* I grind rolled oats in a high powered blender to make my own flour*
1 cup of rice flour (I used white rice here)
1/2 tapioca flour
1 cup of coconut palm sugar
1 ts. of baking powder
1/2 ts. sea salt
1/2 ts. of baking soda
1/4 cup of maple syrup (or can sub blackstrap molasses)
8 TB (around 2/3 cup) of soft or melted coconut oil
6 TB (around 1/2 cup) of unsweetened applesauce
1 TB of apple cider vinegar
1 TB of pure vanilla

In a large mixing bowl, mix together your dry ingredients first...then add the oil, applesauce and vanilla and maple syrup. Mix well with a fork or to be honest, your hands and fingers do the job best. Knead the lump of cookie dough in your hands for a few minutes until you get a perfectly mixed ball of cookie dough. If your dough is a touch sticky, then sprinkle some more rice flour to stiffen it right up. Then, stick the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes to stiffen up and ready for rolling out.

Roll out the ball of dough on a floured parchment paper. Try and keep the thickness around 1/2 inch and roll out as evenly as possible. Then start cutting with your favorite shapes. Put the cookies in a preheated 350 degree oven for 15-18 minutes. I like my cookies a bit crispier, so I stay around 18 minutes baking time, but if you want softer cookies then stay around 15 minutes.  This recipe should make about 2 dozen cookies but really depends on the size of your cutters and how big and small you want your cookies to be. Then let cookies completely cool before frosting...

Then, if you want to frost them here is a good base for a soft frosting that can be easily made into a color with cocoa powder, beet powder, spiraling, or get creative with your other food based colors. Use a powder to keep the consistency worthy of frosting. Also there are some really nice plant based food dyes out there too if you look at your health store. 

Dairy-Free Icing
1/2 cup of Spectrum Organic Palm Oil Shortening
1/2 cup of organic corn-free powdered sugar (I like Wholesome brand)
1-2 ts of coconut milk beverage or creamer
drizzle of maple syrup or honey
dash of sea salt

1-2 TB of cocoa powder, or beet powder, or spiralina green powder to make a colorful and flavorful frosting without the use of dye or fake chemicals

Use a kitchen aid mixer on high or a hand-held mixer to whip up this frosting to get out the lumps and get a creamy finished product. The above pictures are of using beet powder as the addition and crushed up organic candy canes as the extra topping.

another option:
using food-based food dyes to color the icing or even just sugar crystal to use as sprinkles

I hope you are finding ways to enjoy yourself in the kitchen this Christmas season. Keep it simple and let the kids have fun- thats my motto this year- and well maybe that should last longer than through just December.

Happy baking friends, and much love and light to you.

Much love,


  1. Hey!
    Please tell me how I could create these lovelies with a liquid sweetener - namely maple syrup - instead of the granulated coconut sugar? I've been tirelessly looking for a trusty GF vegan sugar cookie!!!

    1. Ww- You can omit the coconut sugar, and add 1/2 cup of maple syrup. You will also have to add 1/4 cup more of tapioca flour to help the liquid soak in better. Hope that helps xo happy baking :)

    2. Actually, just to add... wondering if you think I could do the same or a similar adjustment for the stevia cutout cookies that use buckwheat flour? I can actually make that recipe sooner as I have homemade buckwheat flour hanging out in my freezer.. but still haven't learned what the replacement for stevia is?? Is there a general guideline of how much liquid stevia is equal to maple syrup?? I can only tolerate maple syrup & coconut nectar as sweeteners (healing thru chronic illness) - so always having to make subs. for dry sugars - I think I finally have the hang of it for muffins, breads etc, but cookies are a different story altogether when trying to retain that delectable crunch factor!!! :D

    3. Ww- Thanks for your comments :) In the stevia cutouts, you can omit both the stevia and the coconut sugar and add 1/2 cup of either maple syrup or pure honey. It may seem sticky, but you can just let it sit for a minute after mixing well and it will soak up into the buckwheat or oats. It just take a few minutes, so then once you wait you can come back to it and it will be ready to roll out with a little rice flour if need be to help sticking on rolling pin. Hope that helps! Happy baking xo

  2. Thanks for responding so quickly Stephanie! I will definitely give that a try when I have some fresh oat flour on hand. Just have to say that my Mum and I are huge, huge fans of your recipes ~ thought you might get a kick out of knowing that we affectionately refer to your recipes as "bread lady's recipes" after making your baguette bread and being THRILLED to find *THE* gluten-free, vegan bread!! Please keep making more amazing recipes ~ especially savoury breads ;)! Have a gorgeous day! ~B

    1. Ww- You made me laugh out loud! LOVE creating recipes and baking, but sometimes don't get to actually blogging them. I will start tell my friends that my new name is "bread lady" :) I love it! So much love to you and your Mum, happy baking xo