Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Fruit-Tea-Lemon Slush

We've had a few days of intense heat and humidity here in my neck of the woods. And even with the heat we've been spending long days of cleaning up the yard, playing at the park and splash pad and even enjoying our Lake Michigan beaches.  It's not even "official" summer yet- summer solstice begins next week- YAY!

It's hot out there though! And we have been trying to keep hydrated with water, herbal tea concoctions, fruit and now that I have a Vitamix- smoothies, popscicles, ice cream, and slushies ;)
This is really just a "smoothie" but it totally tasted like an old timey fruity slushie to me. I love the added lemons and dates for staying hydrated and tart sweetness too. It cooled me right down after a long day of outdoors work and it was just right thing when I had no appetite for dinner after a long day in the heat. This is a very 'loose' recipe. The main parts that got blended that I think are great are the hibiscus tea, lemon or lime and berries- oh and the dates ;) But truly you can easily add or take away- I just super loved this combo and have already made it two more times since the first.  Hope you are finding ways to stay cool and yet also enjoying the first days of summer heat. Much love and ENJOY xoxo
Fruit-Tea-Lemon Slush Recipe
{free of gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, and sugar, vegan and paleo too ;)
made best in a high powered blender like a Vitamix or others out there...

1 cup of hibiscus tea or (Tazo Passion Tea already brewed) In the summer months, I brew 6-8 bags of this tea in a 2 quart Ball jar and keep it in the fridge and whenever I am needing to stay hydrated and sick of water this is my favorite go-to iced tea mix with a slice of lime. Hmmm, almost could be dessert :)

1 cup of coconut milk beverage or other plant milk of choice

1 frozen banana

2 cups of frozen berries/cherries (I did a mix of blueberries, cherries, and strawberries)

1/4 cup of leftover date puree (or 2-3 whole pitted dates)

1-2 slices of washed organic lemon (lime would be amazing too )

Put all of the above in a high powered blender and it should turn into a slushy within a minute. The vitamix makes everything so creamy and smooth- If I sound like I am gushing- I still am ;) The above ingredients measure out to 1 large cup for 1 or easily split between 2- you can play around with the measurements tho to make enough less or more and also depending on some of your favorite flavors and options. 
Perfect treat to the end of the hot day. Sometimes in the heat I have no motivatiom or appetite to cook or make a heated mess in the kitchen, so this was an easy way to ease into the hot evening. Then after getting hydrated you might have more of an appetite for something more. Hope you are well and much love xoxo

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