Saturday, June 17, 2017

Pineapple Kale Lime Smoothie

Well it's been about a month now since I got a Vitamix and it's been a pretty great month of smoothies. My quote for this one off of my instagram was "those that 'green' together stay together" and me and my hubs have been enjoying the green together and I would have to say from personal experience that our love goes strong...:)

My favorite one is continually this green smoothie combo of frozen pineapple, kale and LIME. It makes it so fresh and sweet and great every damn time! So in effort to share with you my most favorite combo {for now ;)} I tried to write down estimates so that you can create it for yourself. And here's what I got...

Pineapple Kale Lime Smoothie Recipe
{gluten, dairy, nut, seed, egg, sugar-free, vegan}

1-2 cups of frozen pineapple
1-2 frozen bananas 
1/2 cup of date paste puree or you can put in 4 whole pitted dates too
1 small organic lime, washed and diced
1-2 cups of pineapple juice
1-2 cups of coconut milk beverage
2-3 cups of washed and roughly chopped FRESH kale
optional addition: protein powder of choice 
(my fav is pure rice protein and no fillers )

Blend in a high powered blender... this serves our family of four actually, but could be for 2 grown adults with big kid cups too :)
I have been enjoying this combo for breakfast this week and I've been waiting for it to get old and it hasn't yet- so until that happens I will be enjoying this combo on the back deck in the sunshine... :)

Hope you are well and finding balance this week.
Much love as always, xoxo

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