Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lemon Tea Cookies

Here is another cookie recipe to add to your Christmas cookie baking list. You may be wondering why in the world is there another cookie recipe!? Well, it's no secret to my neighbors that I have been baking lots of cookies over the last week. I have been experimenting really. In hopes to find some favorites (and variety) to share over the Christmas holiday. Bringing a plate of assorted Christmas cookies to family and friend gatherings is a great gesture and the best part is that 'you can eat them too'...

I always keep all the refined sugars out, and try to find ways to use sweeteners as less as possible! Gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free baking can be a science, but once you discover you can enjoy treats without compromising your health it will become more fun. I promise!

Some people ask where I get my gluten-free flours and how to use them. The best (and cheapest) way to supply your pantry with gluten-free flours is by visiting your local health food store as see what kind of gluten-free grains and flours they carry in bulk. My local health store carries every gluten-free grain and flour already bagged up for your convenience. And the the GF fours are safe from cross-contamination, which is a guarantee you must watch out for. If there are flours they do not carry I look for GF flours from Bob's Red Mill products. They have a great selection and reasonably priced as well. Once you switch over to gluten-free baking you will want to get all of the white/wheat flour out of your kitchen, and get new containers or tins to keep all of the gluten-free flour varieties organized. Some people like to use the already blended GF flour mixes, but I have found better results personally with using more whole grain flours like buckwheat, sorghum, and brown rice. And I prefer the health benefits that come with using whole grains instead of white flour substitutes.
I do use the GF flour mixes occasionally, but using buckwheat flour and sorghum flour with a mix of another gluten free flour (rice or tapioca) has produced great GF results. Other gluten-free and grain-free flours like coconut and almond flours are always a tad bit more expensive, yet when used in moderation add great flavor, protein and variety. Another way to purchase gluten-free flours and products is online stores or I prefer buying from my local health grocer, but if I ever needed a large amount of a certain flour I would definitely consider buying from an online source where I could maybe buy more for less. I do actually enjoy buying the GF flours in smaller amounts though because they are freshest when used only months after milling.

Now, to lemons, and making cookies....

I was dreaming up this tart and sweet little cookie for some time now...And, I had a large bundle of lemons, so I landing on making a kind of lemon shortbread cookie of sorts. You could use another citrus fruit if you wanted. I bet orange and grapefruit would be nice too. Making something like a lemon cookie could be a challenge for gluten-free baking because the texture is a delicate balance between using the right blend of flours and having the right amount of tart and sweet. These turned out pretty good, so I will share...

Lemon Tea Cookies Recipe
1/2 cup of sweet sorghum flour
1/2 cup of brown rice flour
1/2 cup of white rice flour
1/2 cup + 3 TB of tapioca flour
1/4 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 2 small lemon's juiced)
lemon zest from one washed lemon
2 farm fresh egg yokes
1/2 cup of sucanat
1/4 cup of agave nectar
1/2 cup of Spectrum's organic palm oil shortening
1 ts. of baking powder
1/2 ts. of sea salt
Mix all the dry ingredients, and then fold in the shortening and egg yokes. It needs to be mixed thoroughly to blend all of the flour parts. It is actually a very sticky cookie batter, so you will want to spoon out with a small teaspoon on a parchment papered cookie sheet. The batter will spread out so it doe snot need to be a perfect circle cookie. I topped the cookies with just a dash of more lemon zest and then baked in a 350 degree oven for 12-14 minutes. You will want to let these cool more than 5 minutes before you moved from the pan. Let cool and then enjoy these crispy cookies with some tea and company.

Let me know what you think of these tart little treats, and have a happy holiday weekend!!!

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  1. Ooh happy to find some gluten free recipes for my clients! Nice work! Sucanat is a big favorite of mine for baking, and I'm adapting my recipes to have less sugar overall, more whole grains. Love teff flour!